A sativa-dominant hybrid strain made by crossing Blueberry with Haze

The 1 gram of diamonds are made from the CBD, CBG, and CBDV, giving you a balanced blend of cannabinoids and Delta 8. These diamonds are infused with your choice of terpenes in 1 gram of Delta 8 sauce. 2 total grams in each glass jar.

This product is consumed best when using a dab rig or e-nail. This is a “dabbable” product.

Our diamonds are infused with full spectrum botanical terpenes that are compliant with the 2018 farm bill.

Directions for use: Using a dab rig and after heating your glass thoroughly, place a small amount of diamond and sauce on your dabber. Gently place the concentrate on the hot nail using your dabber, do not touch the glass with your fingers or you will get burned. Once the concentrate is melted, inhale the vapors and enjoy.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol, Delta 8 Distillate, Terpenes

Must be 21 or over to purchase this product.


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